Deconstruction & Durags

A significant part of both the book and podcast “Dungeons ‘n’ Durags” is author Ron Dawson’s journey deconstructing his Christian faith. The last third of the book dives into his online debates with Trump-supporting Christians, and how his faith led him to make decisions, he now regrets.

But there is perhaps no better exploration of his faith than the half-dozen episodes of the podcast where he specifically addresses the topic. Ron is able to have a diverse and impressive line-up of guests who share their own respective journeys down the complicated road of Christian Deconstruction and faith.

Below you can listen to the episodes. (Or find them in your favorite podcast player). And if you like what you hear, please share them with a friend going through a similar journey.

Ep. 5: Happy Birthday White Jesus


  • Pastor Dr. Robert Richard Allen Turner
  • Bald Move co-host and Jehovah’s witness -turned-atheist A.Ron Hubbard
  • Author Victoria Adams

Ep. 13: Debaters of the Lost Ark

Ep. 14: O’ Jesus, Where Art Thou

  • You Have Permission host/producer Dan Koch
  • Saved by the City co-hosts Katelyn Beaty and Roxanne Stone
  • Christian hip-hop music video director Isaac Deitz
  • Lutheran Pastor Caitlin Trussell (fun fact: she is the little girl in the pink dress standing next to Ron in the 5th-grade photo featured on the home page)

Ep. 16: Christian Pride


  • Queer Christian and singer/songwriter Grace Baldrige

Ep. 23: Am I Still Christian?

Perhaps the most personal and moving episode in the series of faith-related episodes. This is the shortest episode of the whole season, but perhaps the one that packs the must personal punch.

Ep. 25: Harpo, Heresies, and Hell. Oh my!

A TikTok Bible thumper has Ron terribly vexed. And we learn about JD & Yolanda’s beliefs about God. Creative music used was “Oxygen Garden” by Chris Zabriskie (CC BY) and “Undercover Vampire Policeman” by Chris Zabriskie (CC BY)