Dungeons and Dragons: a fantasy role playing game co-created by Gary Gygax in the 1970s filled with dungeons and dragons (duh), paladins, fighters, wizards, orcs, elves, and a whole assortment of fantastic creatures and characters. Played by only the nerdiest of nerds. (Also, a horribly corny 80s television cartoon based on the aforementioned game).

Rapper GZA wearing a du-rag Photo by Mika-photography CC BY-SA 3.0

Durag: a silk-like scarf and tie worn around the head of black males as a fashion statement. It wraps around the skull, with a small flap hanging down in the rear, over the neck. Worn in the 80s as a way to create some fly waves.

For more insight, history, and confirmation of the “correct” spelling, please refer to this NY Times article.