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I am not naive to the fact that a good number of you have no frakking idea who the hell I am. As a published author, industry blogger, podcaster, and managing editor of a major filmmaking blog, I’ve gained a modicum of success in the professional visual arts industry.

But when it comes to the worlds of politics, theological discussion and debate, and the fight against racial injustice, I’m relatively unknown (okay, I’m probably totally unknown).

So, before forking over your hard-earned $$$ (or €€€ or £££ or insert-your-favorite-currency-logo), you may want to get an idea of what this book will be like.

Look how much fun she’s having reading my book while fully clothed in a bathtub. You could have this much fun too. (Actually, this is a photo from Unsplash by RW Studios).

There’s no better way to do that than to read a sample chapter. And the best way to get access to a sample chapter is sign up for my email list.

Now I know what you’re thinking “Not another freaking email list!” I totally feel ya. So, I have given you fine people the option to purchase a sample chapter. That’s right, for only $102.68 you can be the proud owner of an advanced chapter of a book from a person you’ve probably never heard of. Just click the button below.

(Note: this is a real Paypal button, not a joke. If you follow the payment process through to the end, money will fly from your account into mine. You will then be dropped directly into the sample chapter after payment.

Or, you can get it for free, stay woke, and get some laughs while you’re at it, by just signing up for the list.

P.S. Did you think the girl in the header image was someone I know just because she’s black? Well, shame on you if you did. Contrary to popular belief (or this hilarious Blackish episode) not all black folk know each other. This was another photo from Unsplash, by photographer I Am Se7en.