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I’m excited to announce that I have officially signed a deal with Mango Publishing for the publication of Dungeons ‘n’ Durags. Mango was recently named one of the fastest-growing independent publishers in the country, and I am thrilled to be one of their new authors. Given how long the whole publication process takes, the target release date is next May 2022!

What? You can’t wait you say?

Are you too impatient to wait for the hard copy? Well, I still have the eBook version of the manuscript available. There are three ways you can get it.

  1. Buy below for a low price. Both PDF and EPUB versions will be delivered when you make your purchase. (Psst! You can get it for a better price when you sign up for the DnD email list. Shhh? It’s our little secret. You can tell TWO people.)
  2. Read for “free” on Medium. “Free” is in quotes because to read more than three Medium articles/month, you have to subscribe to the platform. At only $5/month it’s well worth it.
  3. Review it for a publication or podcast. If you would like a free copy to review for a podcast our publication, email me and I’ll hook you up.


The header image (and current cover) are concept designs by illustrator and animator extraordinaire Ed Bell. He’s done work for Pixar and PBS. He’s the real deal and available for hire.

Whatchoo think?

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