Happy Birthday White Jesus (DnD Podcast Ep. 05)

Here’s a news flash for you. Jesus wasn’t white. He also wasn’t born on December 25.

But chances are, you probably already knew those two little tidbits. But what else about Christmas is “myth”? Today on the show, Ron continues along his journey of deconstruction of his faith by looking at Christmas traditions and how it’s changed for him, Yolanda, and JD over the years. This is not the episode to listen to if you’re afraid of having your beliefs challenged. But if your heart and mind are open to new ways of looking at this treasured holiday, we promise you’ll be moved.

Our guests include Bald Move podcast co-host A.Ron Hubbard who shares his own personal journey as an ex-Jehovah’s Witness. And the Reverend Dr. Robert Richard Allen Turner and author Victoria Adams each share perspectives about faith and belief give Ron hope (and just might do the same for you).

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Copyrights & Credits

Music for the show was licensed from Artlist and curated from FreeMusicArchive.org. Creative commons songs included in this episode (in order of appearance):

  • “I Don’t See the Branches, I See the Leaves” by Chris Zabriskie (CC BY)

Clips used in this episode:

Statement of Fair Use

As an audio documentary series, we use movie, video, podcast, and music clips in this series under Fair Use. Unlike many who claim fair use as a blanket excuse to post someone else’s content, we take artists’ work very seriously. As such, we actually follow the law, transforming the work and/or minimizing the use of clips for purposes of explanation, critique, education, or satire. Copyrighted music used to enhance the episode is purchased, or licensed under creative commons. Any inclusion of popular or copyrighted music not so licensed, is used sparingly under the guidelines of good fair use practices. For more information, we highly recommend “The Documentary Filmmaker’s Best Practices of Fair Use.”

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