My First Public Sample Chapter

There’s nothing like getting a standing ovation for doing a breakdance routine in a predominantly white high school to give a young black youth an inflated sense of ego and confidence in what truly was only mediocre breakdancing ability.

Excerpt from “Dungeons ‘n’ Durags”

What do the movies “Breakin’,” and “Beat Street” and Leo DiCaprio from “Titanic” have in common? My book. Specifically, my first public sample chapter.

But this isn’t just any old sample chapter. No siree. This chapter reveals one of the main conceits of the book. An aspect that sets it apart from just about any memoir you’ve read. I’m not saying it’s gonna win a Nobel Prize or Peabody Award or anything. But I’m almost positive my senior high school English teacher Skip Nicholson would’ve given me extra credit for creativity (which probably isn’t saying much seeing how I got an A on my “book” report for the book “Excalibur,” which I based on the movie…and wrote the night before it was due.)

But enough of my babblin’. If you wanna read the chapter (and trust me, you’re gonna wanna read it. It just might change your life), you have to sign up for my email list.

Ain’t that a bitch! More marketing sh*t. Yeah. I know. A pain. But, nothing in life is free. If you prefer NOT to give me your email address, pay me $102.68 and get the chapter that way. Just press the button below (that is a real payment button. If you use it and pay me, real U.S. dollars will be deposited into my account. In return, you’ll be dumped into the sample chapter.

If you prefer not to pay me, you can just sign up for my email list. The choice is yours. I promise not to spam you with anything other than my own spam, which considering my story is about the African-American experience, is very apropos.

There has been no better use and rendition of Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” than this movie (and no, not even Michael Jackson’s film.)

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