Real Patriots Stay and Fight

Apparently, the POTUS equates patriotism with having a socioeconomic and ideological lobotomy.

Yesterday the president of the United States of America told us if that if we don’t like it here, then leave.

Wow! Let that sink in.

He will try to spin this by connecting it to his first sentence. But make no mistake. The fact he capitalized the second sentence and focused on that reveals his (and his followers’) real heart.

ANY POTUS that tells you to get out your country if you don’t like it is one who should NOT be re-elected. Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, can we not agree that the very fabric of this great nation of ours was founded on principles that encouraged us to make changes when we as a nation realize that “somethin’ ain’t right!”

If this were the kind of country where people left because they didn’t like it, it would LITERALLY be a country filled with only hateful, racist, misogynists. (And I know social media may make you feel like that’s what it’s filled with. But that’s just algorithms dumpin’ filth and garbage in your feed because you keep clicking it. Trust me. I know! 🙂 .

Real patriots in a democratic republic speak out against their leader if they feel he is leading the country astray.

Real patriots protest.

Real patriots take a knee during the anthem when it warrants. Not because they hate the country. Quite the opposite. Because they want to see it be all that it can be.

A real patriot fights to preserve those values that ACTUALLY make US a great nation.

A real patriot doesn’t accept the status quo just because it makes you more comfortable if it causes pain for a large percentage of your fellow citizens.

A real patriot stays and fights for their right to live in the country THAT THEY WERE BORN IN, regardless where their parents, grandparents, or ancestors came from (whether voluntarily or involuntarily).

Real patriots realize that diversity is one of the greatest characteristics of this great nation. Diversity of race, creed, religion, and way of life.

Real patriots realize that diversity leads to differences of opinion and that’s okay. It makes for a richer nation (both figuratively and literally).

Real patriots vote, and if the voting doesn’t go their way, they fight like hell to help win the next one.

This is the truth about real patriotism.

And I have a message for YOU Mr. President. We will also never be a dictatorship or monarchy. If you don’t like that, why don’t YOU leave! (actually, even if you are fine with that, some of us wouldn’t mind if you left. No really. Leave already).

About “Ronald”
Ron Dawson (aka “Ronald”) is a satirical writer, filmmaker, self-admitted blerd, managing editor of a major filmmaking blog, and author of the pending satirical memoir “Dungeons ‘n’ Durags: One black nerd’s epic quest of self-discovery, racial identity, and woking up in Trump’s America.” Sign up for the email list to get access to a sample chapter and be notified of the book’s release.

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