Catching Up

Acknowledging white privilege is not an excuse we use to ask for handouts.

While in Germany I had a lot of time to think. I thought about the similarities between black folk and Germans when it comes to having to grow up with negative images of our respective peoples in movies and on TV.

I thought about how far Berlin has come since the fall of the wall, and saw that as there still being hope for ‘Murica.

And I thought a lot about white privilege. Not because I was in Germany. My family’s trip there just happened to coincide with a lot of stupidity (as well as genuine and benign curiosity). So I made a video explaining as best I could what white privilege is (using a Star Trek:TNG anlogy, of course.)

But there are still some who think that acknowledging white privilege is a way for people of color to ask for handouts and not work hard. So I wanted to quickly address that as well.

Also published on Medium.

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