Darmok and Jalad at White Privilege

Wherein I use Star Trek: The Next Generation in one final attempt to explain white privilege

Lord knows I have done everything in my power to effectively explain what “white privilege” is in a way that does not immediately cause defensiveness among the white people who hear it. After nearly half a dozen blog and Medium posts, and only God knows how many Facebook posts, I decided to make a video. My hope is that by seeing my charming and totally unalarming disposition, the defenses will come down, and my words understood.

If after this people still don’t understand, well, I will probably lose all hope for mankind. (I’m only being slightly hyperbolic). #BePicard

About “Ronald”
Ron Dawson (aka “Ronald”) is a satirical writer, filmmaker, self-admitted blerd, managing editor of a major filmmaking blog, and author of the pending satirical memoir “Dungeons ‘n’ Durags: One black nerd’s epic quest of self-discovery, racial identity, and woking up in Trump’s America.” Sign up for the email list to get access to a sample chapter and be notified of the book’s release.

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