Ron’s Gotta Have It! (DnD Podcast Ep. 11)

Ron finally watches a movie that saves his Black Card (although, some may say the jury is still out as to whether he even has one).

Other than perhaps music, no other art form plays as indelible a role and influence on Black people as the cinema. From how we are depicted to even how we watch it. So it’s no surprise then that our “hero” has some cinematic tastes that may catch him a side-eye (or two).

In this hilarious episode of the podcast, we journey down memory lane as Ron shares some of his earliest podcast conversations with JD and Yolanda—conversations that help lay the groundwork for both this show, and Ron’s journey to Blackness.

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Copyrights & Credits

Music for the show was licensed from Artlist and curated from Creative commons songs included in this episode (in order of appearance):

  • “Fact Is Remix” by Kelle Maize & J. Glaze and Udachi (CC BY)
  • “Sly and the Family Jones” by Mike Spitz and Phys Edison. (CC BY)
  • “Warm Up Suit” by Broke for Free. (CC BY-SA)
  • “I Know (Prod. MVSIC)” by Hi Rez. (CC BY)
  • “Naked Street” by Cosmic Analog Ensemble (CC BY)
  • “Preachin’ Dem Blues” by The Good Lawdz (CC BY)

Statement of Fair Use

As an audio documentary series, we sometimes use news, movie, video, and music clips under Fair Use. We take artists’ work and copyrights very seriously. As such, we adhere closely to the law, transforming the work and/or minimizing the use of clips for purposes of explanation, critique, education, or satire. Copyrighted music used to enhance the episode is purchased, or licensed under creative commons. Any inclusion of popular or copyrighted music not so licensed, is used sparingly under the guidelines of good fair use practices. For more information, we highly recommend “The Documentary Filmmaker’s Best Practices of Fair Use.”

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