“Well, That Was Unexpected!” — DnD Podcast Ep. 10

A critical review of Ben Shapiro’s review of a Showtime docu-series turns this episode into something no one planned. Least of all, Ron.

Last month Showtime released a new 3-part documentary series called “Everything’s Gonna Be All White.” It is a creative, compassionate, and often biting look at racism and race relations in America. Ron loved it. Ben Shapiro…not so much. Well, technically, Ben hasn’t seen it. Yet, his review of just the trailer got Ron so riled up, he made his own reaction video to Ben’s trash reaction video.

But why did Ron get so upset at this review? You’d think Shapiro trashed Ron’s own documentary. Well, in the exploration of that question, Ron stumbled upon an important revelation that could have a profound impact on the podcast! This is a must-listen episode.

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Music for the show was licensed from Artlist and curated from FreeMusicArchive.org. Creative commons songs included in this episode (in order of appearance):

  • “My Dignity” by Cullah (CC BY)
  • “Comfort to You” by Cullah (CC BY)
  • “A Man With a Golden Soul” MC Cullah (CC BY)
  • “erik” by Fog Lake (CC BY)
  • “little black balloon” by Fog Lake (CC BY)

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As an audio documentary series, we sometimes use news, movie, video, and music clips under Fair Use. We take artists’ work and copyrights very seriously. As such, we adhere closely to the law, transforming the work and/or minimizing the use of clips for purposes of explanation, critique, education, or satire. Copyrighted music used to enhance the episode is purchased, or licensed under creative commons. Any inclusion of popular or copyrighted music not so licensed, is used sparingly under the guidelines of good fair use practices. For more information, we highly recommend “The Documentary Filmmaker’s Best Practices of Fair Use.”

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