Trump supporter thinks moon is made out of cheese

This may be a joke, but you just never know with these guys.

In response to the blog post I wrote about the Trump supporting Christian who seemed to suggest Jimmy Carter might be hell-bound, another one of the TSCs who really loves me, suggested I write a blog post about a guy in Minnesota who said the moon is made of cheese.

Now, I think this guy is attempting to make a joke. But honestly, based on past experiences I’ve had with him, I can’t be entirely sure he isn’t serious. I’m NOT even joking. You never know with these guys (and this guy in particular). I actually think there’s a 50/50 chance he believes it. Maybe even 60/40.

Unfortunately for this guy, I don’t cover astronomy conspiratorial wackos, just political and religious ones.

(Header image screenshot from “The Moon is Cheese, the Movie.”)

Whatchoo think?

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