4 fun facts and 2 experiments about white privilege and racism

A simple mathematical proof to explain white privilege vs. racism to fragile wypipo

Whenever you tell white Trump supporters and any other fragile wypipo about their privilege, they will often respond in anger and feel insulted because they equate white privilege with racism. I spent the better part of a year crunching the numbers, running the calculations, and have come up with a mathematical proof that you can share with anyone who responds to your acknowledgement of their white privilege as an accusation of racism.

I call it my Racism-White Privilege Mathematical and Metaphorical Proof and it is my sincere desire that it can be a beacon of hope and light in what may otherwise be an untoward discourse that can quickly devolve into real insults, ad hominem attacks, and name calling.

Don’t let the simplicity of this proof fool you. Devising this proof was an extremely arduous task that required tapping into the suppressed recesses of my frustrated experience with Calculus 1B at UC Berkeley (That was the hard tract that took me FOUR FRAKKING SEMESTERS which included TWO incompletes in order to pass.) Just read up on how long it took Einstein to come up with E=MC² to be convinced that the simplicity of a mathematical proof is not necessarily proportional to the level of difficulty required to determine said proof.

Ron’s Racism-White Privilege Mathematical and Metaphorical Proof

Now that this mathematical proof has been sufficiently built up, prepared to be proportionately un-impressed.

  • FACT #1: white privilege exists.
  • FACT #2: ALL white people benefit from it.
  • FACT #3: NOT all white people are racists.
  • FACT #4: Facts 1-3 may be too complicated for Trump Supporters to comprehend.

Fun experiments

Fun experiment #1: Try to explain to a Trump supporter why all squares are rhombuses, but not all rhombuses are squares. 

Fun experiment #2: try to explain to a Trump supporter what a rhombus is. 

Tune in later this week when I share with you a formula you can use to calculate the speed with which a Trump supporter or fragile white person will calm down and feel at ease once you explain the above proof. Admittedly, this formula turned out to be far more complex to derive than the Racism-White Privilege Mathematical Proof. Stay tuned…

About “Ronald”
Ron Dawson (aka “Ronald”) is a satirical writer, filmmaker, self-admitted blerd, managing editor of a major filmmaking blog, and author of the pending satirical memoir “Dungeons ‘n’ Durags: One black nerd’s epic quest of self-discovery, racial identity, and woking up in Trump’s America.” Sign up for the email list to get access to a sample chapter and be notified of the book’s release.

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