Yahoo! that Ish

It never ceases to amaze and baffle me the inane comments and memes that fly from the finger tips of Trump Supporters. Do they not know about search engines?

Nestled away in their dark crevices of ignorance and absurdity, empowered by their Fox & Friends enriched edumucation, they can share ideologically numb and/or morally bereft memes like it’s nobody’s business.

So often they post or share information that is so demonstrably ridiculous, things that a literal 30-second Google search could disprove, I frequently say to them…

“Why are you posting that? You do realize there is such a thing as Google, right?”

But it just occurred to me that many Trump Supporters are of an older generation—the generation that grew up back in the good ol’ days when America was “great”! (I never got the memo saying we ever stopped being great, but whatever).

Given this bit of information, if you find that telling your Trump-supporting friend to “Google it” leads to blank stares or inaction, try telling them to “Yahoo! that sh*t!” and see if that helps.

(If that still leads to inaction or deer-in-headlights looks, tell them to look up AOL keyword: FACTS).

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